Instructions for authors



The articles published by Publications Mathématiques de Besançon remain the intellectual property of their authors, who nevertheless agree to transfer to Centre Mersenne and to the University of Franche-Comté Press (PUFC) all reproduction and distribution rights of their accepted articles, in all possible formats and in particular for the paper and electronic editions of Publications Mathématiques de Besançon.

The authors may post their work on their personal webpage or on any online platform designed for the storage and distribution of articles. They may reuse parts of their texts, altered or enlarged, for other publications or preprints, but are not authorised to submit the complete, unaltered texts to other journals or scientific publications when they are of a commercial nature.

Centre Mersenne and PUFC reserve the exclusive right to distribute the versions of the texts in the specific format of Publications Mathématiques de Besançon. They are distributed under the Attribution 4.0 International Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0), which may be found here :


Submit an article


1. How to submit an article?

Articles should be sent in an electronic format (for example, as a pdf) to a member of the board or a member of the editorial committee whose expertise covers the mathematical field of the work. The article should include a short summary to facilitate the refereeing process.


2. What is the refereeing process?

The work is sent to one or more experts to provide a report. They will be chosen by the committee member for their reliability, their scientific expertise, and for their absence of any conflict of interest. On the basis of such honest and reliable report(s), the scientific committee decides definitively whether the article is to be published.


3. How to prepare an article which has been accepted?

Articles should be prepared using LaTeX. A LaTeX class (for example amsart) and a BibTeX configuration file (cdraifplain+eid.bst)  allow authors to prepare their article according to the journal's format (aif-type.tex).

For the BibTeX entries, the authors may follow those available on MathSciNet.

Only the bibliographic references cited in the text should appear at the end of the article. The source files of the article should be provided in order to ensure its correct compilation. The source file should contain summaries in both French and English, though we are able to suggest to non-francophone authors such a summary. Finally, the author should provide AMS 2010 classification numbers, some key words in English, and titles in both French and English.

Finally note that the .tex files will be made accessible in order to allow blind and partially sighted people to access the contents of the article.


4. Once the article is published?

The electronic version of the article will be available online and the authors will each receive a paper copy of the PMB volume containing their article.


5. What to do in case an error is found too late or in need of a point of clarification?

In case of an important error or in need of a point of clarification, the authors should contact the editors to propose an addendum, an erratum, or to withdraw their article.